Yeah, that’s me! Mommah says I’m very handsome. Sometimes she’s smarter than she looks.

Anyway, I’m gonna tell all of you all about my Mommah and the stupid things she does and then we can laugh a lot, k? And I’ll tell you about the smart things I do that make Mommah and Daddee laugh a lot, too.

Mommah says I’m very chatty. I think that’s supposed to be a compliment. It better be, or I might have to bite her on her nose.

K, talk to you tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Maverick!

  1. Hi Maverick!! I can’t wait to read all about you and the great things you have to say!! I’ll make sure Dottie and Edward are listening when I read it aloud!! Tell your mama that I adore her…truly!!! Be a good boy, and we’ll chat again soon!! xoxoxo

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