It’s gonna snow!

Mommah said it’s gonna snow. Actually she said it’s gonna “fucken snow” but I’m not supposed to swear so forget I said that. I love snow! I love to play in it and run in it and roll in it and get snowballs in my fur and between my toes – cuz then Mommah gets a towel and rubs me all over and I LOVE that!

(this is not my picture, I got it from

Mommah, however, hates snow. So she’s grumbling around the house and checking the weather every five minutes. I did tell you guys she’s kinda stoopitt, right?

So today we went for our walk and she says it’s colder than a witch’s tit, whatever that means. Daddee bought her this hat that has a mask inside and she pulls it down over her face and honestly, she even scares me!

This is my Mommah.

is that scary or what?

See what I have to put up with? I need a treat. Or several.

K, I’ll bark at y’all again tomorrow. I want to talk about leashes!

15 thoughts on “It’s gonna snow!

      1. That’s really old! My big brother Max that I didn’t know but Mommah tells me stories about was only 10 when he went to the Bridge. I don’t think that’s fair. I think dawgees should live forever. That’s what Mommah says too

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