snowy day!

It’s snowing and snowing and snowing and it’s cold and so much fun! Daddee took me outside this morning and when I came inside I got the zoomies and Mommah laughed and said “Wet puppy!” I like it when she dries me off, honestly. I also like to run away with the towel. That’s funny.

BUT, Mommah won’t drive in the snow so we aren’t going to my park and that means I have to drag Daddee out to the field to the farthest corner so I can poop because I do not like to poop at home, thank you very much. Pooping at home is just rude. ROOOD!

Anyway, if Mommah doesn’t get her walk she gets crabby so I had to tire her out this morning. First, I helped her do her back exercises by biting her feet and toes. That’s funny cuz she says OUCH a lot. I also like to lay across her belly when she tries to do her belly lift things. She just has to laugh cuz she can’t move me, so then I lick her face.

Next we watered all the plants in the house. I followed her to make sure she didn’t miss any cuz she can be forgetful. Then we played the “jump on the bed” game and I tell you what, this woman! She can get lost in a phone booth! (I don’t know what that is but Daddee tells her that a lot.) She kept calling for me to find her and when I did, she’d get lost again!

Next we went outside and she shoveled the sidewalk and I ran around. I wish she’d take that leash off me – I don’t care that it’s really really long, I want to go chase those foxes and squirrels and deer! I barked at them and then all the other dogs in the neighborhood barked and we had a good chat about how stupid our moms and dads are.

She FINALLY made me lunch and let me get a nap. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with her later. Maybe I’ll make her play the nose game or throw the ball, that tires her out and I can get a nap!

this is me after I make Mommah go take a nap.

5 thoughts on “snowy day!

  1. I’m like your Mommah because I don’t like to drive in the snow either! But I do like going for long, long walks and scuffing my feet and kicking up snow! You can come play outside with me in the snow any time you want! I’ll even have a warm, dry towel waiting for you when I finally let you come back in!

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  2. Oh, Maverick, you make me miss my four-legged baby. She was a miniature schnauzer and didn’t much like the snow if it was more than an inch or two. Be nice to Mommah since she doesn’t like the snow. We have at least 8-inches of snow outside right now and it’s still snowing. How much snow do you have?

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    1. We have enough snow that it’s up to my knees! I’m barking at it and playing in it and Mommah’s just laughing at me. Daddee plowed with the big truck and pretty soon I’m gonna make him take me to the field and Mommah says it’s gonna snow all day tomorrow so I think we’re gonna get about 222 inches

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