Gonna put a GPS on the Mommah!

SO we got lots and lots of snow and I think it’s fun to run around in it but Mommah doesn’t cuz she’s a poopee head sometimes but that’s another story. Today she went outside with me and I was just barking at everything and having a wonderful time – she said I was giving her a headache – and then I saw something in the woods and I ran really hard and I broke that stupid line that she hooks me to.

And I ran and ran! I could hear Mommah and Daddee calling me to come back but I was having too much fun so I just ran some more!

Mommah was standing on the porch. How do you get lost on the porch? Seriously! But anyway, all of a sudden she’s calling me to come find her. Well, I can’t let her wander around lost, can I? So I turned around and ran back to her and she was so happy that I found her that she cried. And gave me a cookie.

She usually just gets lost in the house, I wonder if she needs to go to the doctor cuz this is getting worse! I can’t let her out of my sight for a second!

8 thoughts on “Gonna put a GPS on the Mommah!

  1. Maybe Mommah was giving you some lessons on how to be a parent? Or maybe Mommah just loves you so much that she doesn’t like it when you’re far away from her? Either way, your Mommah sounds like she’s a keeper!

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