Mommah calls me Rocket Man

Sometimes I just get this really crazy urge and I just TAKE OFF like a rocket! I don’t really know what a rocket is, but that’s what Mommah says so I think it must be a good thing!

Today we went for a walk at my Auntie Beth’s development, and that was a really good thing because, as you know, I do not like to poop at home but I had to go really bad this morning so I did but I really had to go again so I unloaded twice at Auntie Beth’s and Mommah said, “HOLY COW Maverick!”

Excuse me. I am not a cow. Carl, who lives down the road, is a cow. When we go by his field, Mommah says, “there’s Carl!” and waves at him. He’s a cow, Mommah. Get over it. She is so weird.

Anyway. I rolled in lots of snow cuz that’s fun. Then we got back to the Auntie Beth’s house and Mommah opened the car door but I didn’t want to go home, so I did my rocket man and Auntie Beth let go of the leash – well, that’s a good thing or she probably would have gone splat and I would have felt bad – and I jumped over the snowbanks and ran around her yard and jumped some more!

Mommah was calling so I looked at her, and laughed, and then Auntie Beth called so I looked at her, and laughed and I just ran and ran and it was so much fun!
Then Mommah got ahold of my leash and we ran to the car and jumped in.

I really like jumping in the snow but Mommah says I’m not supposed to do the Rocket Man thing. I think Mommah is a poopy head.

But I love her anyway.

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