Stranger Danger

Yesterday morning, I was sleeping really nice and having a dream about swimming and all of a sudden, there was a man in my front yard. A STRANGE man! A man I’d never seen before.
Daddee says I’m supposed to protect Mommah from strangers so I did my job and I barked really loud.
He didn’t leave.

I barked some more.

He still didn’t leave.

Daddee started barking and Mommah started laughing. Seriously, Mommah? We’re trying to save your fat butt from a stranger and you LAUGH at us? Good thing I love you.

Mommah came downstairs and we sat on the sofa and she petted me, which is always a good thing, but this GUY WAS STILL IN MY YARD!!!!!!!!!!

stranger danger

And then you won’t believe what happened!

SHE LET HIM INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Jebus, Mommah, how am I supposed to protect you if you let HIM INSIDE???????????????


He finally left and let me tell you, I was exhausted. But did I get to nap? Have you met my Mommah? Oh, heck no, I didn’t! We had to go for a walk!

So I made her walk really fast and she said, “this is not a forced march!” Yeah, that’s what you think!

Photo by Caique Silva on (not Maverick)

Move it, woman!

So today, we went to the park and she decided to go so slow that I almost fell asleep walking. What the heck is wrong with this woman? I did get some good liver treats, though.

Now I think I’ll get a nap and hopefully she’ll remember not to let strangers into the house anymore.

5 thoughts on “Stranger Danger

  1. Maverick, you did a good job protecting your mama. You have to try to trust that she will only let the good people inside. I totally understand your exhaustion and I would not have wanted to go on a walk after that encounter. I would have preferred an hour or so on the sofa to recover.

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