No, Mommah, I do NOT want to see Dr. Dave!

You’re not gonna believe this! Mommah says I have this bejoobee on my muzzle and it needs to be checked. Really? I don’t think it’s necessary. HOWEVER, I can’t drive so I sort of have to go where she takes the car.

My bejoobee.

K, also, I like to lick my paws. They’re my paws, right? Well, according to my Mommah, who is a know it all, by the way, I lick them too much. Define too much, please?

This is how it’s supposed to be. Mommah gets up. She drinks that nasty smelling stuff out of her big WOOF cup. The she lays on the floor and says she’s doing her exercises and I help by laying on top of her. THEN we get our stuff and go to the park. That’s the rule.

So today, Mommah gets up and drinks her nasty stuff and does her exercises and gets my leash and we get in the car and did we go to the park? Umm, no, we did not! We went to the vet. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Dr. Dave okay even though he pokes me but seriously, this is not right. This stuff should be AFTER the park!

Anyway. He said that my bejoobee is nothing and that made Mommah happy. Then he said I have allergies. I do not! That sounds like cooties! I don’t have cooties! That’s what Mommah says when we see people at the park wearing masks, she makes this funny motion with her hand and says “CURSES ON YOUR COOTIES!” So I KNOW I don’t have them!

And now I have medicine! I do not like to take medicine, Mom! Does she care? Nooooooooooo, she just pushes it right down my throat. RUDE!

Anyway, I haven’t licked my paws today. But I might later even though I do NOT have cooties!

4 thoughts on “No, Mommah, I do NOT want to see Dr. Dave!

  1. Aww, Maverick, I’m sorry your mommah has to stick those yucky pills down your throat! Personally, I think you deserve a small treat afterwards for taking them without being stubborn! And I think it’s a nice thing that you keep your paws clean so you’re not dirtying up the floor with dirty paws!

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