and dig dig dig!


I like to bark

I like to dig

Mommah says SHUSH

I said BARK BARK BARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommah says not to dig. I say, “get out of the way or you’ll get dirt kicked on your shoes”

So what did she do today? She went outside. She sat on the ground. AND SHE DUG UP STUFF! She said she was “weeding.” It didn’t look like weeds to me! It was all green stuff that looked really healthy but SHE said it had to go and Daddee said so too. I don’t get a vote. Apparently dogs don’t get to vote on that stuff. On a side note, even dogs can get ID.

Mommah said that was political and I should be political.


So now you know what she’s doing? She’s complaining that her shoulder hurts. And that means that tomorrow? She’s gonna BARK BARK BARK all day.

I swear, this woman is untrainable!

2 thoughts on “BARK BARK BARK

  1. WHO let the dogs out? What does the World Health Organization have to do with dogs? (Dad joke). Protip Mav: wait until your Mommah plants new flowers and then show your devotion by digging them up and bringing them to her at the door.

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