It’s a tough job

But Mommah says I’m pretty good at it. My job is keeping her from getting a minute’s peace. That’s kind of funny. (She doesn’t think it is, but I do)

So Mommah decided that I needed friends other than just her. She’s a little slow but she gets there eventually. I think she has too much education, honestly, she thinks too much and then she gets herself confused. Good thing I can always find her.

So anyway, she decided to take me to daycare. I didn’t like it at first, cuz I didn’t like being away from Mommah. Who knew what kind of trouble she’d get in without me there to watch her all the time? But then I made a couple of friends and I like playing and chasing and humping (but I’m not supposed to do that so I save it for my humpy pillow at home) and I really like Auntie M and Uncle J and after a couple weeks, when Mommah was still in one piece when she came to get me, I decided this was gonna be okay.

So now I go every day. Mommah says it’s like a kid going to school. Umm, no, it’s not. We don’t sit at desks and learn stuff. Okay, we learn stuff, but we don’t sit at desks. We’re dogs, that would be stupid. Sometimes, I don’t know where her brain in.

Anyway, she says I have a “core social group” now. That’s a fancy way of saying I have friends. Too much education, that’s her problem. Always making things complicated. Daddee says I should stay longer because when I get home, I’m not really tired. Well, I am tired but I just like to play outside and bark at stuff, to make sure that all the foxes and deer and rabbits and squirrels (I hate squirrels!) know I’m still in charge around here,

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. How are all my human friends doing?

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