It’s gonna snow!

Mommah said it’s gonna snow. Actually she said it’s gonna “fucken snow” but I’m not supposed to swear so forget I said that. I love snow! I love to play in it and run in it and roll in it and get snowballs in my fur and between my toes – cuz then Mommah gets a towel and rubs me all over and I LOVE that!

(this is not my picture, I got it from

Mommah, however, hates snow. So she’s grumbling around the house and checking the weather every five minutes. I did tell you guys she’s kinda stoopitt, right?

So today we went for our walk and she says it’s colder than a witch’s tit, whatever that means. Daddee bought her this hat that has a mask inside and she pulls it down over her face and honestly, she even scares me!

This is my Mommah.

is that scary or what?

See what I have to put up with? I need a treat. Or several.

K, I’ll bark at y’all again tomorrow. I want to talk about leashes!

Hi, I’m Maverick!


Yeah, that’s me! Mommah says I’m very handsome. Sometimes she’s smarter than she looks.

Anyway, I’m gonna tell all of you all about my Mommah and the stupid things she does and then we can laugh a lot, k? And I’ll tell you about the smart things I do that make Mommah and Daddee laugh a lot, too.

Mommah says I’m very chatty. I think that’s supposed to be a compliment. It better be, or I might have to bite her on her nose.

K, talk to you tomorrow!

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